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Tiny Paws is run by myself, the sole proprietor, Laura de Stefano, at my home in Huntingdon. I currently keep 2 guinea pigs, and a tropical aquarium which hosts 6 fish and 4 shrimp, but have lived my whole life with pets, keeping piggies from the age of 14.

Some people may remember that I was known online as Laura-CCC4, or cavy-cool-crazy, but was perhaps even better known as the mum of the 4 original HGs – Charlie, Tuppy, Lottie and Jasmine. HGs stood for Humphreys Guineas – my surname at the time. There have been many more piggies in the past 16 years and the last of the HGs passed away in May 2018.

Those piggies that continue now are the DSPs – De Stefano Piggies. You can meet every single one of the HGs and DSPs in the slideshow below; just click on the images to see their names.

Not included here is Choccie – Charlie’s original friend who we rehomed in 2003 due to bullying – and the 3 terminally ill piggies who went from being hospital boarders to living out their days with us: Peggy, Nooshi & Sid.

Charlie Parsley

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More about the De Stefano pets, including all important pictures, can be found on The Resident Pets.