HOLIDAY BOARDING Booking In Form/Request

Booking In Form/Request Boarding

Please include both forename and surname.
Please include your FULL address including postcode.
This will be used only to send essential correspondence regarding your booking and for holiday boarding updates.
This will be used only to send essential correspondence regarding your booking.
This may be a friend, family member or your veterinarian. Please provide your contact's name, location, and at least one contact number. This person may need to make decisions, advise, or act on your behalf in case of emergency.
This is essential upfront information if you have multiple piggies who do not all live together.
As much information as you can provide. One line per pig. The minimum required for booking are names, sexes and at least an estimate of their ages. Any further identifying details are of additional benefit but not essential.
Inclusive of drop-off/collection dates.
Please note that time slots may vary at weekends depending on personal commitments.
Please note that time slots may vary at weekends depending on personal commitments.
Please select the relevant option. Note that home visits are only available within 5 miles of PE29 1PF.
Examples: dry diet only, nugget-free diet, avoid brassica due to bloating.
Your guinea pig may be referred to by first name only. Sometimes a full body view cannot be avoided, but you as owner will not be identified or identifiable.
Find the link in our website footer on any page, or click/copy and paste the following link:
All that's left to do is to hit "Submit" - and we will text you to confirm your booking and send you everything you need to know!

Our Covid-19 Policy



According to social distancing rules and government guidelines at the time of my appointment, please understand that it may not be possible to enter the premises of Tiny Paws Pet Services (managed by Laura de Stefano). Entry to the Tiny Paws premises is based on current government guidance along with other risk factors, and Tiny Paws retains the right to ask you to stay outside or to leave the premises.

If delivering your guinea pig(s) to the premises for grooming or boarding, you will need to follow the instructions given to:

1. Use disposable bedding in the carrier(s) e.g. newspaper plus hay/substrate OR bring a SPARE towel/fleece with which I can line the carrier for their return trip.

2. Place the carrier(s) containing your pets on the ground outside the front door for handover – permissable exceptions include if the weather is very cold, windy or raining.

3. Try to maintain a minimum 1m distance at all times.

4. Do not come into the house unless invited to do so.

The premises are sprayed or wiped down with an antibacterial and antiviral product between all visits; this includes the doorbell, all door handles, the letterbox and the banister/stair handrail.

I am fully vaccinated with both doses of the Pfizer Covid vaccine as from 1st April 2021, and my husband will be fully vaccinated as of July 2021, as such both members of the household are considered very low-risk: however there remains the potential for asymptomatic transmission, so please bear this in mind when visiting. If you are vulnerable and/or not fully vaccinated we strongly advise you wear a mask if you are invited onto the premises, but you may enter without a face covering if you are low-risk and/or have been vaccinated. In most cases I will not wear a mask myself due to a medical exemption, some exceptions can however be made when carrying out mobile grooms or helping out a vulnerable client.

I will give you an estimated collection time when you hand your pigs over to me, but please don’t turn up until I have called you or messaged you to say they are ready. In part this is to ensure I have had adequate time to complete the groom/get the pigs ready to leave, but it is also to minimise the chance of multiple clients being on the premises at the same time. For physical space and Covid reasons I can only tend to one customer at a time, so receiving a confirmed collection time is important.

If you are returning from a foreign holiday (anywhere that is not within the United Kingdom) please inform me as I will have to ask you not to come into the house on your return and may require additional precautions, such as mandatory wearing of a face covering and maintaining a 2m rather than 1m distance, just until we know that travel is not compromising safety. If you do take a foreign holiday and have to quarantine on your return, this could be managed either through a drop-off service or an extended stay – this will need to be considered in advance of your break due to limited capacity.


Mobile grooming can resume with relative normality unless you are high-risk. High-risk clients will have their pets tended to either in a secure outdoor space, or in my car. Since mobile grooms cannot cover haircuts or baths this should be little different to usual.

If there is adequate space in your home, I will limit any potential transmission risk by not touching any door handles or anything that I haven’t brought with me. I will remove and replace the guineas directly from their cage/hutch myself (rather than the owner handing them to me), and I will maintain the minimum 1-2 metres social distancing rule. If I need to get closer to you, to show you a health concern for example, I will put on a mask. Unfortunately due to a medical exemption I can only wear a face covering for a limited time, so do bear this in mind.


Please make sure you read and understand the measures outlined above, and accept that they are my maximum possible efforts to prioritise the safety of all concerned parties.

The rules are non-negotiable and may be subject to change without notice.

Please do not attend an appointment or request a home visit if you have Covid-19 symptoms or have tested positive for the virus in the last 14 days. Similarly, I will notify you immediately if there is any potential risk posed by myself at any time and make suitable alternative arrangements.

We do have an NHS Track & Trace QR code available if you wish to check-in for the purposes of test and trace services.

Guidance updated: 9 June 2021

You’re all done! We will be in touch via text to discuss and arrange your booking. Thank you very much for choosing Tiny Paws!