Covid-19 Procedure & Declaration and Client Profile



According with social distancing rules and government guidelines at the time of my appointment, I understand that it might not be possible to enter the premises of Tiny Paws Pet Services (managed by Laura de Stefano).

If delivering my guinea pig(s) to the premises I will follow the instructions given to:

1. Please use disposable bedding in the carrier e.g. newspaper, hay, substrate. No fleece.

2. Ring the doorbell and/or knock on the door to announce my arrival.

3. Place the carrier(s) containing my pets on the designated spot marked out at the door.

4. Walk away from the front door of the premises and stand behind the designated line.

The door will be opened by Laura who will pick my pets up in their carrier(s) and take them indoors, where they will be placed immediately into fully disinfected enclosures (cages if boarding, pens if being groomed). Bedding will be removed from the carrier and disposed of, and the carrier disinfected by spraying liberally with Virkon-S disinfectant.

If entering the premises for any reason, I will follow the strict rules outlined by Laura to minimise the risk whilst indoors:

  1. Wear a face covering.
  2. Sanitise hands with the gel provided on entry.
  3. Wear the provided shoe covers (minimising time spent indoors).
  4. Do not touch anything that is not yours, unless invited to do so.
  5. Try to maintain a minimum 1 metre distance at all times.

Laura will text to inform me when my guinea pig(s) are ready to collect. If collecting boarding pigs we will have agreed a collection window either on or prior to collection day. If collecting grooming pigs, I realise I must not turn up unannounced: it is necessary to await confirmation that my pet(s) are ready.

On arrival my guinea pigs will be ready to go. Laura will have filled my carrier with clean disposable bedding and disinfected the handle. My guinea pig(s) will be in their carrier. Any accessories or food provided will have been cleaned (where possible).


Upon arrival at my property, Laura will ring the doorbell/knock on my door, then step back at least 2 metres. I will place my guinea pig(s) in their carrier on my doorstep, or at a suitable distance if outdoors in a secure area (e.g. garden), then move back at least 2 metres. Laura will then come and pick up the carrier and either groom my pet(s) as required in a secure outdoor space, or return to the car to carry out grooming if it is deemed safer.

Laura will be wearing a disposable apron, and a face shield or face covering for the duration of the appointment.

When mobile grooming is complete, my pets will then be placed back in their carrier. Laura will remove the apron, disinfect her hands, apply gloves and clean the carrier handle with disinfectant before returning the carrier to my doorstep for me to then immediately collect.


I have read and understood the measures outlined above, and accept that they are essential to maximise the safety of myself, my pets, and Laura de Stefano of Tiny Paws Pet Services.

I realise they are non-negotiable and may be subject to change without notice, as the global effort to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus is continually evolving.

I confirm that I am currently showing no symptoms of Covid-19, nor have I tested positive for the virus in the last 14 days. To the best of my knowledge I have not been in close contact (within 2 metres or living with) anyone who is likely to have Covid-19. If there is any chance I may have contracted coronavirus whilst away on holiday, or if I develop symptoms of concern at any point, I understand I must inform Tiny Paws Pet Services of this immediately and all efforts will be undertaken to find a solution. Similarly, Laura will inform me if there is any known likely risk posed by herself at any time and make alternative arrangements.

To limit asymptomatic transmission of the virus, it is requested that immediately prior to leaving your house, you fully disinfect your guinea pigs’ travel carrier and any accessories both internally and externally with a pet-safe disinfectant solution such as Virkon, F10 or similar. The same protocol will be adhered to by Tiny Paws before returning the carrier, and any accessories, to you.

Guidance updated: 11 July 2020


Please complete and submit this form at the same time as signing your declaration. All details are confidential and used only to ensure the safety of your pets.

Please include NAMES, SEXES, AGES, COLOURS and BREEDS. One line per pig.
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