Covid-19 Procedure & Declaration and Client Profile


According with social distancing rules, I understand that it will not be possible to enter the premises of Tiny Paws Pet Services (managed by Laura de Stefano).

If delivering my guinea pig(s) to the premises I will follow the instructions given to:

1. Please use disposable bedding in the carrier e.g. newspaper, hay, substrate. No fleece.

2. Ring the doorbell once (and/or knock on the door).

3. Place the carrier(s) containing my pets on the designated spot marked by tape.

4. Walk away from the front door of the premises and stand behind the line of tape.

The door will be opened by Laura who will be wearing a face shield and disposable gloves. My pets will be picked up in their carrier(s) and taken indoors where they will be placed immediately into fully disinfected enclosures. Bedding will be removed from the carrier and disposed of and the carrier disinfected fully by dousing liberally with Virkon-S disinfectant and left to air dry. Carrier(s) will not be touched until I have returned to collect my pets.

Laura will text me to inform me that my guinea pig(s) are ready to collect. I will not turn up even if an estimated finish time has been given: I agree that it is necessary to await confirmation that my pet(s) are ready. I will telephone Laura when I arrive in my car (or at the premises on foot), and stand at or behind the taped line to wait.

Still wearing disposable gloves and a face shield, Laura will fill the carrier with fresh bedding, place the guinea pig(s) in the carrier, and bring the guinea pigs to the door. Gloves will be changed and the door handle will be disinfected immediately before opening the door and lifting the carriers into place on the spot marked outside the door. Conversation may be engaged in before Laura steps back at least 2 metres into the house to allow me to pick up my pets. Once behind the taped line again Laura may return to the threshold, answer any final questions and bid us farewell.

It is advised that the exterior and handle of the carrier(s) are disinfected again after arriving home and removing the guinea pig(s).

Laura will telephone me upon arrival at my property and remain stood by her car. I will place my guinea pig(s) in their carrier on my doorstep, then move back at least 2 metres. Laura will then come and pick up the carrier and move at least 2 metres away from the door. Laura will be wearing a disposable apron, disposable gloves and a face shield and/or respiratory mask covering – all donned only after arriving at my property. Laura will carry out the grooming procedure outdoors if the area is safe and enclosed. Alternatively, if it is safer to do so, Laura will return to her car with my guinea pig(s) and remain seated in the car whilst attending to my pets. I understand that the car door may need to be closed if there is any concern for the safety of my guinea pig(s) e.g. very wriggly or easily frightened individuals. When complete, my pets will then be placed back in their carrier. Laura will remove the apron, wash her hands, change gloves and clean the carrier handle with disinfectant before returning the carrier to my doorstep. I will remain a minimum of 2 metres away throughout the grooming and return procedure.

I have read and understood the measures outlined above, and accept that they are essential to maximise the safety of myself, my pets, and Laura de Stefano of Tiny Paws Pet Services.

I realise they are non-negotiable and necessarily inflexible as it constitutes part of a global effort to limit any potential spread of the novel coronavirus whilst still serving the community.

I confirm that I am currently showing no symptoms of Covid-19, nor have I tested positive in the last 14 days. To the best of my knowledge I have not been in close contact (within 2 metres) of anyone who is likely to have Covid-19. If I am particularly likely to come into contact with the virus that causes the disease e.g. through work, if I have tested positive for Covid-19 within the past month, or if I have symptoms that may be attributable to Covid-19, I understand I must inform Tiny Paws Pet Services of this prior to engaging their services. Similarly, Laura will inform me if there is any known likely risk posed by herself and make alternatives arrangements.

To limit asymptomatic transmission of the virus, it is requested that immediately prior to leaving your house, you fully disinfect your guinea pigs’ travel carrier both internally and externally with a pet-safe disinfectant solution such as Virkon, F10 or similar. The same guidelines will be adhered to by Tiny Paws before handing the carrier back over to you.

Guidance drafted: 17 May 2020


Please complete and submit this form at the same time as signing your declaration. All details are confidential and used only to ensure the safety of your pets.

Please include NAME, SEX, AGE, COLOUR and BREED.
Please include NAME, SEX, AGE, COLOUR and BREED.
Please include NAME, SEX, AGE, COLOUR and BREED.
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