Day Care

Do you have to go out to work or for a family day out, but you’re worried about leaving your sick or elderly guinea pig(s) home alone? Do you need some reassurance during those difficult times? I’m here to help. As I work from home it is particularly useful for those who have to go to work, but who have piggies who really need regular attention and specialist care.

I have a very extensive skillset to include:

  • Experience with deaf piggies, blind piggies
  • Experience dealing with heart conditions, arthritis, dental, renal, digestive
  • Post-operative recovery
  • Syringe-feeding
  • Giving oral medications in liquid and tablet form
  • Giving subcutaneous injections
  • Applying topical treatments, including eye ointments
  • End-of-life supportive care.

Your guinea pig doesn’t need to have an illness to come and stay for Day Care, though. If you just want the reassurance of a home-from-home environment, with all the usual homely sounds and human company and attention your pet is used to, I’m just as happy to help.

I am available to look after Day Care piggies from 9am to 6pm, though timings may be adjusted to individual circumstances.

Please do get in touch to discuss your needs. Prices are below and on the Pricing page.



The price of Day Care depends on the level of care your piggy needs. The highest cost service is syringe-feeding and post-op recovery, as a very high level of monitoring is required. For elderly piggies or just those needing some human interaction throughout the day, it’s a little simpler.

Discounts are available if you are looking for Day Care on 3 or more consecutive days.

Day Care without specialist skills – £10 per day
Day Care with medication and health monitoring – £15 per day
Day Care with syringe-feeding – £20 per day
Day Care with post-op recovery – £20 per day

The cost of Day Care includes one cagemate to help keep your piggy relaxed and at ease. Any supplies required will usually be requested from the owner, but it can be arranged for the materials to be provided (e.g. syringes, feed for syringe-feeding).