The Guinea Pig Groomer

Based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE29.


Nervous about nail clipping?
No idea about grease glands?
Guinea pig in a bit of a tangle?

I am the answer to all of your guinea pig grooming related prayers! I am experienced in every aspect of grooming with a wide variety of breeds of guinea pig – smooth, long, backwards, curly, rough, wiry, rexoid, frizzy, wavy, mixed – and have tackled characters ranging from extremely laid-back to very highly-strung.


It’s very normal and very common to feel daunted at the prospect of regularly trimming nails, bathing, cleaning grease glands, ears and ‘boys bits’, and cutting the hair of any long-haired piggies. Especially if those piggies are new, young, a little bit on the senior side, have chronic health concerns, have gotten a little bit out-of-control, if time’s run away with you and you’ve fallen behind on maintenance – or if you just don’t feel confident in going through the process with them. And having everything from a single one to seventeen of my own at any given time to look after all at once, I know that the number of piggies on your list needing dedicated attention can be exhausting just to think about, let alone manage – so if it’s just a helping hand you need to ease the workload, I’m more than happy to help in this way too!


I offer a top-to-toe grooming service on a drop-off-pick-up (or collection-drop-off) basis. All of my boarding guineas get a full complimentary groom during their stay, including nail trimming and any hair and skin treatments, as standard. Many of my clients are repeat visitors, coming back to have every grooming need tended to.

Most visit on average every 2-3 months; I advise full grooms every 2 months for long-haired piggies and any pigs of advancing age, or with chronic or monitored health concerns. I recommend every 2-3 months for short-haired breeds – even if only to deal with nails, foot spurs, ears, grease glands, and Boys Bits.

What’s your stance on bathing short-haired pigs?

I do not believe bathing short haired pigs as routine is mandatory, however I have no qualms with those who do believe a routine bath is either necessary or beneficial, I will happily bath short-haired pigs if that is what you request. Likewise I won’t judge you if you don’t believe in bathing short-haired pigs as part of a regular grooming regimen. On a professional level I do believe there are more benefits than drawbacks, but I will never attempt to sway anyone in either direction. The only time I may suggest bathing when you don’t normally request it is if any skin or coat condition (e.g. parasitic infestation, dry skin, fungal infection) is noted during a basic check or if the pig is clearly not keeping themselves in good condition, whether due to age, reduced activity, or ill health.

Haircuts – Welfare vs Aesthetics

—-paragraph in progress—-

What do Full Grooms include?

Included in a full groom (“Short Full” or “Long Full”) is:

  • Hair trimming/cutting to provide a functional haircut according to the season (top length agreed with owner)
  • Nail clipping and foot spur removal, plus application of a Gorgeous Guineas foot ointment if feet are very dry
  • Grease gland de-grease using Swarfega
  • “Boys Bits”™ clean – penis and anal sac clean to remove smegma and calcium buildup and any hairs, hay or debris, and faecal impaction clearing
  • Ear cleaning (drops and gentle swipe with cotton buds to visible folds only, to remove excessive wax)
  • Bath (plus skin-conditioning Melt, if needed) using Gorgeous Guineas specialist conditioning guinea pig shampoo
  • Blowdry with hairdryer (avoided during warmer months where possible in favour of natural drying either indoors here or indoors at home)



I can offer a basic grooming package in your own home. For practical reasons I am unable to carry out bathing, grease-gland cleaning or haircuts at your home; these can only be provided on-site at Tiny Paws.

For me to come to you, there is a fee to cover my extra time and expenses, plus the standard price for the “Top To Bottom” service.

* TOP TO BOTTOM – £7.50 first guinea pig, £3 per extra pig
Nail trim, foot spur removal, ear clean, Boys Bits’ check/clean, basic health check

Alternatively, I can come and collect your guinea pigs and drop them off for you after their groom again for an extra fee.

As a rough guide I can offer a collection/drop-off/mobile service to:
Huntingdon, Hartford, Oxmoor, Godmanchester, Brampton, Hinchingbrooke, the Stukeleys, Alconburys, Buckden, the Offords, St Neots, RAF Wyton, Kings Ripton, Houghton & Wyton, St Ives, Needingworth, Old Hurst, Warboys, Somersham, Bluntisham, Bury and Ramsey.



Please take a look at the Pricing page for the full price list.

I need on average 1 hour per guinea pig for a full groom, as I need to ensure the guinea pigs are dry when they leave the premises, particularly through the winter months.

However some guinea pigs may take more time, some less – and depending on exactly which services you require, it may take as little as ten minutes or as long as two hours. You will be informed of the estimated duration when dropping your pigs off.

For insurance purposes I can’t allow you to stay on the premises beyond dropping off and collecting your pets; however you are of course welcome to make an appointment to view the set-up and ask any questions.



Of course! I’ve been doing this professionally for three years now and I’ve built up a good collection of before and afters of every colour and length of nail, and many different breeds of pig. No challenge is too big or small!

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