Guinea Pig Boarding


I’m delighted to be able to offer six cosy, indoor cage spaces for groups of up to 3 guinea pigs in my home on the outskirts of central Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire (PE29 1). Please note I do not board any other species of animal; only guinea pigs.
Availability depends on what bookings are already in the diary, so if you are in need of holiday or weekend care for your guinea pigs, get in touch ASAP so that I can secure space well in advance.
I get very busy every half-term, Bank Holiday, summer holiday and over Christmas so please do book early. I do not charge extra for boarding at these peak times.
At the moment my setup is as follows:
* Indoors
* C&C cages (cubes and correx)
* Six 2×3 cages (105cm x 70cm) for up to 2 guinea pigs each
* Can be adapted to six 2×3 cages for up to 2 guinea pigs each if there are no larger groups due in
* Babyproofing is available for guinea pigs under 3 months of age
* Water bottles, food bowls and bedding are all supplied
* All food supplied
* Air-cooled/centrally heated room in the heart of a quiet adult-only household, where the only other animals are my own 3 guinea pigs!


With a long history in working in almost every area of the field with guinea pigs, I am able to care for all ages, breeds, genders and temperaments including the elderly, infirm, and those with nervous or behavioural issues, and those with temporary, chronic and terminal illnesses.
I have peer-acclaimed experience in not only managing over 30 of my own guinea pigs in all these varied states over the years, but also those belonging to other people.
If you are looking for someone able to keep an expert eye on your guinea pigs’ no matter what their health status, someone who is able to give any medications/supplements they need (oral tablets, oral liquid and subcutaneous injections are all covered) or just someone with a patient, gentle, and understanding but firm touch – I am your woman. My job is to love and look after them as my own and to ensure that anything that must be done for their own good (e.g. grooming needs, health care), is done in a safe, comfortable and timely manner to minimise stress.

The price depends on the number of guinea pigs staying and the length of the stay, and also whether you’re a Tiny Paws Member or not. Members do not get priority over bookings, and all pets whether paid up members or not are treated equally. The only difference is that members are entitled to a 30% daily discount.

Our boarding prices are:

1 single: £6 per night (Member: £4 /night)
1 pair (2 sharing): £10 per night (Member: £7 /night)
Trio (3 sharing): £13 per night (Member: £8.50 /night)

If you have multiple guinea pigs not sharing a cage (or a larger group that you need to temporarily split into smaller groups due to my limited cage sizes), each separate cage/grouping required will be costed as a separate booking, as many of our costs incurred are associated directly with materials and utilities. Discounts on particularly long stays and/or lots of guinea pigs will be considered at our discretion.

If you are looking to book your pets in to be boarded at short notice – in the next 48 hours – we reserve the right to request a £5 surcharge to accommodate any changes necessary to our prior plans and setup.


If you’re not sure what we provide with our boarding service, here is a breakdown of exactly what you get for your money:

– indoor housing year-round (climate and temperature control – central heating in winter, air-cooling in summer);
– C&C cage meeting the minimum size standards with anti-chew edging and each cage with its own safe LED lighting;
– hybrid bedding setup comprising both fleece and oodles of hay atop a newspaper + Aubiose base;
– cage cleaned of surface debris and droppings daily, full cage cleans every 5 days or as needed;
– suitable toys for comfort and enrichment;
– unlimited quantities of the best quality Oxbow Orchard Grass hay, meadow hay where available to our standards, plus Pure GrassGraze On or Readigrass;
– fresh vegetables daily (small amounts of 3-4 different types of high quality veg/leafy greens/herbs);
– selection of nugget feeds, we have access to many of the popular brands (plain pellet feeds only, no muesli);
sippy-style water bottle included and refreshed or topped up twice daily;
– nail clipping included as standard, along with hygiene haircuts for long-haired breeds;
– full basic health and weight check;
– text, photo and video updates sent to you (via WhatsApp);
– access to a secure lawn in appropriate weather, if the guinea pigs are used to being put to lawn;
– professional photo shoot where weather, lighting and piggy behaviour permits!

As stated, all food including hay, dry food and fresh veg is included in the price. You are however welcome to provide your pigs’ own dry food and treats, if you wish to do so please label them with your pigs names to avoid confusion with fellow boarders! We reserve the right to apply a name label to any items you choose to bring. 

We recommend bringing any of your guinea pigs favourite toys with them, to help make them feel at home here, though we do have plenty of open-sided step hides, pigloos, tunnels, cosy beds, soft toys and of course hay to keep them entertained!

We hope shortly to be able to offer access to a webcam where you can live-stream your piggies whenever you want. We are also in the process throughout the summer of 2022 of buying brand new fleece liners for all of our boarding cages, replacing the existing cage grids with brand new grids and also tearing out the old correx with new, made to fit correx. We are also looking to purchase an air-conditioning unit to upgrade the room to ultimate climate control! Your pigs will have a record sheet outlining their basic details (name, age, identifying features, owner name and number, grooming history, medical history, incoming and outgoing weight, and anything else of relevance) to help me provide the best personalised care possible for your piggies, both now and during any future stays. You can request a copy of this record sheet if desired.


Yes. Please see our Mobile Service page for price and areas covered. Note that for holiday boarding clients we may be prepared to extend our collection/drop off range to include Cambridge and Peterborough if the client is prepared to pay an additional 50p per mile to cover our expenses.


Yes – but only withinn 5 miles of Huntingdon. I can offer daily home visits to:

  • Huntingdon
  • Hartford
  • Oxmoor
  • Godmanchester
  • the Stukeleys
  • the Hemingfords
  • Brampton
  • Hinchingbrooke
  • RAF Wyton
  • Houghton & Wyton
  • Old Hurst
  • St Ives.

If you require holiday cover and I cannot fit your piggies in here, for example if I’m fully booked or if you have more piggies than I can cater for here, then I will endeavour to offer a home visit service. Although not my preferred method of holiday cover, it is adequate for the majority of owners.

Home visits are priced at £7 per day, or £5 per day for members. This may be subject to increase if lots of cages/hutches need cleaning while you are away, or if you require additional non-essential time e.g. supervising time on the lawn. 


I know that worry, and I understand that fear. And particularly how heart-wrenching it is leaving a very elderly or sick guinea pig in someone else’s care. I’ve been there, I understand it. To the degree I took my pigs with me on holiday. Several times!
I will aim to send you at least 2 updates whilst you are away: at a minimum I will send you a photo or video of your piggies settled into their holiday home (or a photo/video of that days home visit) in the first 24 hours, and a further update in the form of written text, photo or video a few days later, and every few days for the length of their stay.
While I would love to be able to guarantee daily updates, I do have a lot to get through each day so I’ve not always been able to honour the promise of daily updates for every family. I am working on a new schedule which aims to send a photo a day to the owners, but please do just bear in mind that if I don’t message daily it’s not bad news! I can  promise without hesitation that should anything not be OK with any of your pets at any time, you WILL be messaged immediately. You can also contact me at any time for an update, day or night, and I will respond as soon as I see your message. I’m usually around from around midday to 1-2am, so don’t worry about waking me up. I just can’t promise I won’t have my hands full of guinea pig!

You are very welcome to come and meet me and my boys George, Hugo, Woody & Rupert and see the kind of life they live; a lifestyle I replicate with all of my holiday boarders. Every guinea pig that crosses my threshold becomes part of the Tiny Paws family. You’ll be able to see the setup, the documentation confirming our insurance and DBS check, and I can show you all my credentials when it comes to guinea pig care – published books and magazine articles, information sheets, leaflets… you’ll be able to see that I take the care of your guinea pigs every bit as seriously as I take care of my own boys.

As the business operates in my private home, I reserve the right to refuse access to the premises on weekends (and at any other time without explanation) to protect mine and my husband’s privacy. I will always aim to book you in for a tour at a time I can ensure access will be permitted.




Page last updated: 24 May 2022