Membership to Tiny Paws is optional, anyone is welcome to use our services and to seek advice. However there are considerable benefits to joining the Tiny Paws Family at the small fee of £30 per year. This provides a full 12 months from the date of payment. The fee is the same no matter how many guinea pigs you have.

Membership permits the member to:

* Exclusive access to our new Members Only area on our website containing all our articles, charts and other content as soon as it’s released
* Exclusive free access to weekend and bank holiday appointments
* Free parasitic checks via post
* Access to the Tiny Paws Telephone Helpline
* Access to video consultations
* Pre-vet-visit health check/phone consult
* Reminder messages for treatments due and for upcoming appointments
* Holiday Boarding fees discounted by 30% per day
* 30% discount on grooming fees
* 20% discount on all printed Guinea Pig Care Leaflets
* 50% off all grooms in December.

Note that the discount on Guinea Pig Care Leaflets applies to members past and present due to a delay in updating them.

Tiny Paws Telephone Helpline & Video Consults

Access to the Helpline and Video Consults ensures you get a reply to your telephone call. Incoming telephone calls to the Tiny Paws number from the public are not accepted. Members will become exempt from this – meaning faster support, an urgent appointment or boarding, if that’s what is required. If I am awake and free I will answer –generally any time between 10am and midnight, however it may vary according to whether I am otherwise occupied. Calls will always be returned if they are missed, or if it’s too late to telephone I will get in touch via text/WhatsApp to establish how I can help.

The Helpline is open to almost anything related to guinea pigs, though my specialty is health and illness. Video Consults can be carried out for any reason but are typically most useful for health or behavioural queries.

Pre-vet-visit consults

The pre-vet-visit health checks/phone/video consults are available if you are concerned about the health of your pig, but unsure what to do or how urgent the problem is. I can advise on the potential problem and possibilities, how urgent the problem is, and in many cases the most experienced vet to see. Please note however that if your pig is unwell, professional veterinary advice MUST be sought and this will be reiterated in any consult or conversation. The service offered here is complementary to veterinary services, to aid the owner in what to expect, causes, prevention and possible treatments you might be offered and outcomes. If I consider the pig to be in critical condition or to be seriously ill before seeing them, the owner will be advised to seek immediate veterinary attention.

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