Mobile Services


As a rough guide I can offer a collection/drop-off/mobile service to the following towns/villages:

Huntingdon, Hartford, Oxmoor, Godmanchester, Brampton, Hinchingbrooke, the Stukeleys, Kings Ripton, the Hemingfords, RAF Wyton, Houghton & Wyton, and St Ives.

For holiday boarding and grooming to be delivered on-site at Tiny Paws

The collection and drop-off service costs £5 to cover my travel and time expenses, in addition to the service you have booked your pigs in for.


For grooming (includes all except haircuts and baths) the cost is £3 plus the requested package. I can offer a basic grooming and health check package in your own home, which includes nail clipping, boys bits clean, grease gland, ears and a basic health check for the standard prices, plus my travel and time costs.

If your pets require bathing or haircuts then this must be carried out on-site at Tiny Paws.


If I cannot fit your piggies in here, for example if I’m fully booked or if you have more piggies than I can cater for here, then I am able to offer a daily drop-in service. Although not my preferred method of holiday cover, especially in as I cannot monitor the piggies all throughout the day and night, it is adequate for the majority of owners who just want someone to pop in for 20 minutes a day to feed, clean and just make sure their pets are alive, well and happy!

At the moment for holiday cover in your home, if you are within 5 miles of Huntingdon, the cost is £5 per day. This may be subject to increase if lots of cages need cleaning while you are away, or if you request additional time or chores.