Online Booking


If you have requested holiday boarding/home holiday cover and we have confirmed availability, you will need to fill out a Booking In form before/when you bring your guinea pigs to us (or before we begin home visits). Please note that this form can be completed by hand (we can email you a copy to print), but in order to speed up and smooth out the process of Booking In for my clients, we are trialling this Online Booking In Form. Please remember to ONLY fill this out if we have had prior contact and I have confirmed holiday boarding availability with you!

Please include both forename and surname.
Please include your FULL address including postcode.
This will be used to keep in contact with you.
This will be used only to send essential correspondence regarding your booking.
This may be a friend, family member or your veterinarian. Please provide your contact's name, location, and at least one contact number. This person may need to make decisions, advise, or act on your behalf in case of emergency.
This is essential upfront information if you have multiple piggies who do not all live together.
As much information as you can provide. The minimum required for booking are names, sexes and at least an estimate of their ages. Any further identifying details are of additional benefit but not essential.
Please select the relevant option.
Please state "none" if nothing to report.
Examples: dry diet only, dry-feed free diet, avoid brassica veg due to bloating. Please state "none" if no particular requirements or preferences.
Find the link in our website footer on any page, or click/copy and paste the following link:
All that's left to do is to hit "Submit" - your guinea pigs are now booked in!