Below is a comprehensive breakdown of all the services and packages available. You will notice that discounts are in force in the package deals, often quite big discounts, and further discounts may be considered at the discretion of Tiny Paws in particular circumstances.

The reason for the pricing structure offering a lot more in the package deals than each service individually added up is because we believe in making the full service accessible in as many cases as possible. We put your pigs’ welfare first, so rather than only trimming the nails and leaving something we know needs to be addressed, we encourage you to consider getting a fuller package – to at least include ear cleans, grease glands and boys bits cleans – to ensure the best for your pets.

If there is a deal you would like to book but don’t see below, please do get in touch and we can most likely create a custom package just for you!

Please note that the prices below are per guinea pig, unless otherwise stated.


As a rough guide I can offer to collect and drop-off your guinea pigs from:

Huntingdon, Hartford, Oxmoor, Godmanchester, Brampton, Hinchingbrooke, the Stukeleys, Kings Ripton, the Hemingfords, RAF Wyton, Houghton & Wyton and St Ives.

Collection & Drop-Off: This service costs £5 to cover my travel and time expenses, in addition to the service you have booked your pigs in for.


Individual services, prices per guinea pig unless otherwise stated
* Long-hair CUT – £5
* NAIL trim & foot spur removal – £4 first guinea pig, £2 per extra pig
* BATH only – £4 first guinea pig, £3 per extra pig
* Thorough HEALTH MOT with written report and weight tracking – £5

Package deals
* Short-hair BATH & NAILS + ‘boys bits’, grease gland and ear clean – £7
* Long-hair CUT, BATH & NAILS + ‘boys bits’, grease gland and ear clean – £8
* ANY package deal + HEALTH MOT written report & tracking – add £2.

Any questions regarding treatments and pricing can be directed to Laura on 07791 347843. Prices will be agreed upon prior to the guinea pigs’ treatments.


I can offer a basic grooming and health check selection in your own home, which includes nail clipping, boys bits clean, grease gland, ears and a basic health check.

For mobile grooming the cost is £3 plus the requested package/service(s).

For holiday boarding cover in your own home, the cost is £5 per day.

As a rough guide I can cover the following areas with my mobile services:

Huntingdon, Hartford, Oxmoor, Godmanchester, Brampton, Hinchingbrooke, the Stukeleys, Kings Ripton, the Hemingfords, RAF Wyton, Houghton & Wyton and St Ives.


The price depends on the number of guinea pigs staying and the length of the stay, but as a guideline figure, you can expect a pair of guinea pigs sharing a cage to cost £7 per day. A single guinea pig in a cage is £5 a day. For more guinea pigs sharing, please enquire directly with Laura.

This price includes:
– indoor housing year-round (climate control) in a large C&C cage.
– bedding on fleece, which is dry and hygienic and suited to all guinea pigs of all ages.
– suitable toys for enrichment.
– cage cleans as required.
– unlimited supplies of the best quality Oxbow Orchard Grass hay, and Readigrass.
– fresh vegetables daily (small amounts of a variety) and limited amounts of fruit.
– free nail clipping, “boys bits” clean, and ear cleaning for each guinea pig.
– text and photographic updates sent to you (if requested).
– access to a secure lawn in appropriate weather, if the guinea pigs are used to being put to lawn.

Dry food is provided however we recommend bringing your pigs’ own dry food along with you. I also recommend bringing any of your guinea pigs favourite toys with them, to help make them feel at home here, though I do have plenty of hideys and soft toys to keep them entertained!

Discounts are offered at my discretion, usually for larger numbers of guinea pigs, and for any guinea pigs staying 7 or more days. Tiny Paws Family Members are entitled to a reduced rate.


The price of Day Care depends on the level of care your piggy needs. The highest cost service is syringe-feeding and post-op recovery, as a very high level of monitoring is required. For elderly piggies or just those needing some human interaction throughout the day, it’s a little simpler.

Discounts are available if you are looking for Day Care on 3 or more consecutive days and if you are a Tiny Paws Family Member.

Day Care without specialist skills – £10 per day
Day Care with medication and health monitoring – £15 per day
Day Care with syringe-feeding – £20 per day
Day Care with post-op recovery – £20 per day

The cost of Day Care includes one cagemate to help keep your piggy relaxed and at ease. Any supplies required will usually be requested from the owner, but it can be arranged for the materials to be provided (e.g. syringes, feed for syringe-feeding).


Membership to Tiny Paws is optional, not mandatory. Anyone is welcome to use our services and to seek advice from Laura. However, access to Laura’s considerable expertise can be made more quickly, easily and closely available at the small fee of £20 per year, no matter how many guinea pigs you have.

We have a page that details the Membership system and provides the form needed to apply for Tiny Paws Membership. To give an overview, however, just a few of the benefits to having a Tiny Paws Membership include:

* Access to the Tiny Paws Telephone Helpline
* Pre-vet-visit health checks
* Discounted Day Care fees
* Discounted Holiday Boarding fees
* One FREE package deal in December
* Birthday & Christmas cards
* Reminder texts for treatments due and for upcoming appointments.

Please visit our Membership page for full information, and contact Laura if you are in any doubt as to what’s included.


For on-demand services, payment is requested upon collection, preferably by card.

Cash can be accepted but I don’t usually have change, so please bear this in mind before you collect your pigs! I also accept PayPal (payment to be completed prior to collection) and Bank Transfers (likewise).

For membership options, a one-off card, PayPal or Bank Transfer is preferred to cash.