Below is a comprehensive breakdown of all the services and packages available. Please click on the Members Price List to view the prices you would pay as a Tiny Paws Family Member, along with the other benefits detailed in our Membership plan.

If you have a large number of guineas, or you are unsure which deal will be necessary, please use the form at the bottom of the page for a personal quote.



Please note that grooming services are offered in pre-set bundles. This is borne out of experience, providing the guinea pig with only the best level of care while still giving you value for money.

Prices per guinea pig unless otherwise stated

* TOP TO BOTTOM£7.50 first guinea pig, £3 per extra pig
Nail trim, foot spur removal & Boys Bits’ check/clean

* SHORT AND SWEET (short haired full groom) – £10 per pig
Nail trim, foot spur removal, Boys Bits, grease gland, ear clean, bath and dry

* THE FULL MONTY (long haired full groom)£11.50 per pig
Nail trim, foot spur removal, Boys Bits, grease gland, ear clean, haircut, bath and dry



Bonding is a new service for 2020. The price for bonding boars, sows or mixed groups is the same as in our experience, no bonding is likely to be any easier than any other – regardless of gender!

The prices are as for holiday boarding plus a flat fee of £5 per day. We recommend you book your guineas in for a minimum of 2 days to allow ample time for relations to settle.


Tiny Paws Family Members are guaranteed a 30% discount on the daily fees, but we also welcome all non-members and treat them exactly as we do everyone else. We do ask that you book as far in advance as you can as we can get very busy. Our boarding prices are:

1 single: £6 per day
1 pair (2 sharing): £10 per day
Trio (3 sharing): £13 per day
4 or more sharing: £15 per day

If you are looking to book your pets in to be boarded at short notice (in the next 5 days or fewer) we require a £5 surcharge to accommodate any changes necessary to our prior plans and setup.

If you have multiple guinea pigs NOT sharing a cage, each separate cage/grouping required will be costed as a separate booking, as many of our costs incurred come as a result of the cage spaces themselves being occupied and requiring materials and attention.


The reason we charge marginally above the average cost of boarding for guinea pigs (and it is only marginally higher) is due to the high standard of care, level of expertise, and devotion specifically to one species only. We aren’t running a rescue or having to manage another organisation on the side – not that there is anything wrong with that! This is just what we do: for us, it isn’t an extra service or an initiative, it is what we dedicate ourselves to. Grooming and boarding guinea pigs…keeping it simple so we personally can offer you what we expect to be offered ourselves.

Due to limited spaces being available – as the piggies are staying in the heart of our home – the quality of care and degree of attention given to your guineas is by its very nature greater than that which might be offered by other facilities who usually also board other species of animal and have a much higher turnover. At Tiny Paws, it’s intimate, it’s personal, it’s very much a family feel but with the essential professional edge. Every pig is treated as our own, and every owner walks away saying they “can relax and have full peace of mind knowing their babies are safe and loved”* with us. And we believe that’s worth paying just that little bit extra for.

*actual quote from a regular customer

If you’re still not sure, here is a breakdown of exactly what you get for your money:

– indoor housing year-round (climate control) in a suitably sized C&C cage with anti-chew edging;
– bedding on fleece, which is dry and hygienic and suited to all guinea pigs of all ages and health backgrounds;
– cage cleaned of all loose debris and droppings daily, and full cage cleans every 5 days or as needed;
– suitable toys for comfort and enrichment;
– unlimited quantities of the best quality Oxbow Orchard Grass hay, Just Grass, and Graze On or Readigrass;
– fresh vegetables daily (small amounts of a small but high-quality variety);
– basic groom for each guinea pig – nail clipping, Boys Bits, grease glands, ear cleaning and bath;
– full basic health check with written report and weight check;
– text, photo and video updates sent to you;
– access to a secure lawn in appropriate weather, if the guinea pigs are used to being put to lawn.

Dry food is provided, however we recommend bringing your pigs’ own dry food along with you. We also recommend bringing any of your guinea pigs favourite toys with them, to help make them feel at home here, though we do have plenty of hideys and soft toys to keep them entertained!


Collection & Drop-Off: This service costs £5 plus 50p per mile as calculated to and from PE29 1PF to cover my travel and time expenses, in addition to the service you have booked your pigs in for.

Mobile Services: For mobile grooming (excluding haircuts and baths) the cost is £5 plus 50p per mile as calculated to and from PE29 1PF to cover my travel and time expenses, in addition to the grooming fees.

For holiday cover in your home, prices start from £7 per day; please contact me directly for a quote.

As a rough guide I can offer a collection/drop-off/mobile service to:
Huntingdon, Hartford, Oxmoor, Godmanchester, Brampton, Hinchingbrooke, the Stukeleys, Buckden, the Offords, RAF Wyton, Houghton & Wyton, St Ives, Warboys, and Ramsey.


Membership to Tiny Paws is optional, anyone is welcome to use our services and to seek advice. However there are considerable benefits to joining the Tiny Paws Family at the small fee of £30 per year. This provides a full 12 months from the date of payment – and the fee stays the same no matter how many guinea pigs you have.

Membership permits the member to:

* Holiday Boarding fees discounted by 30% per day
* Free printed advice sheets
* Free personalised weight tracking charts
* 30% discount on grooming fees
* 30% discount on bonding fees
* 20% discount on all printed Guinea Pig Care Leaflets
* 50% off all grooms in December
* No short-notice boarding surcharge
* Exclusive access to weekend and bank holiday appointments
* Access to the Tiny Paws Telephone Helpline
* Pre-vet-visit health check/phone consult
* Birthday & Christmas cards
* Reminder messages for treatments due and for upcoming appointments.

Please visit our Membership page for full information, and contact us directly if you are in any doubt as to what’s included.


For on-demand services, payment is requested upon collection, preferably by card. We have a secure card-reader on-site which provides both contactless and chip-and-pin payment options.

Cash can be accepted but we don’t always have change, so please bear this in mind before you collect your pigs!

We also accept PayPal (payment to be completed prior to collection) and Bank Transfers (likewise).

For Membership, a one-off card, PayPal or Bank Transfer payment is preferred.