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You don’t have to be a member to access most of the services, but there are benefits to membership – especially if you’re a new owner, are a regular user of our services, or have lots of piggies.

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Mobile Services


As a rough guide I can offer a collection/drop-off/mobile service to:

Huntingdon, Hartford, Oxmoor, Godmanchester, Brampton, Hinchingbrooke, the Stukeleys, Alconburys, Buckden, the Offords, St Neots, RAF Wyton, Kings Ripton, Houghton & Wyton, St Ives, Needingworth, Old Hurst, Warboys, Somersham, Bluntisham, Bury and Ramsey.

The collection and drop-off service costs £5 in addition to the service you have booked your pigs in for.

For holiday boarding and grooming to be delivered on-site at Tiny Paws


For grooming (includes all except haircuts and baths) the cost is £5 plus the requested package.

If your pets require bathing or haircuts then this must be carried out on-site at Tiny Paws.


If I cannot fit your piggies in here, for example if I’m fully booked or if you have more piggies than I can cater for here, then I am able to offer a daily drop-in service. Although not my preferred method of holiday cover, as I cannot monitor the piggies frequently throughout the day and night (important in hot weather), it is adequate for the majority of owners who just want someone to pop in for 20 minutes a day to feed, clean and make sure their pets are alive, healthy and happy!

At the moment for holiday cover in your home, if you are within 5 miles of Huntingdon, the cost starts at £7 per day, or £5 per day for members. This may be subject to increase if lots of cages/hutches need cleaning while you are away, or if you require additional time e.g. supervising time on the lawn for an hour each day. Please contact me direct for a full quote.